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Our law firm was established in 2023 by lawyers specialising in corporate law, professionals who were united by their shared objectives and ideas: enthusiasm, high standards, experience and youth, human values and concern for the needs of their clients.

We are lawyers of an independent Aragonese firm specialising in business law, aiming to position ourselves firmly among the legal brands that provide service to businesses and freelancers, in order to become a point of reference in the Aragonese market.

Our purpose is to attract young talent and experienced professionals alike who share these same principles and objectives.

We are a law firm that places great value on a way of working where both clients and professionals feel part of the same team.

“Commercial, litigation and regulatory compliance”

Commercial and bankruptcy law

This is the department where our activity originated, and it covers all areas of business law, from corporate law to commercial contracts, with a specific focus and tradition on the latter.

In the field of bankruptcy law, we aim to solve any issues in relation to insolvencies. Our expertise covers the management of claims for creditors of bankrupt companies, as well as applying for insolvency on behalf of debtors.


The core mission of our litigation area is to defend the interests of our clients before the Spanish courts, in particular with regards to civil and commercial matters, always attentive to the possibility of resolution through alternative means such as mediation or arbitration. Read more…

In particular:

  • Litigation relating to civil and commercial contracts.
  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability.
  • Conflicts arising from contracts of agency and distribution.
  • Claims for payment.
  • Enforcement proceedings of judgements.
  • Executory proceedings and foreclosure.
  • Preventive measures.
  • Order for payment procedures and proceedings on negotiable instruments.
  • Lease disputes.


We have extensive experience in the Aragonese market, advising national and international companies on the requirements of compliance resulting from the application of the Criminal Code. We provide expert advice, suited to the scale and needs of each client. Read more…

In particular:

  • Design and implementation of criminal prevention models.
  • Adapting existing models in companies to the specificities of the Criminal Code.
  • Periodic checks of the criminal prevention model.
  • Managing reporting channels.
  • Employee training and training for management.
  • Ongoing legal advice on criminal compliance through the role of the consulting lawyer of the company’s supervisory and control body.
  • Internal investigations

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